WARKINGS Release New Single and Music Video “Hellfire” Nov09


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WARKINGS Release New Single and Music Video “Hellfire”

New Battles, new Hymns, new Allies!

Escaping the underworld once more, the mighty WARKINGS rejoin on the battlefield with an unforeseen new ally – none other than legendary sorceress Morgana Le Fay. The sister of Arthur and mistress of the lost has joined the ancient royalty to accompany them in all of their upcoming battles!

So, beware for the fourth chapter of the WARKINGS saga, ‘Morgana’, to be released on November 11, 2022, via Napalm Records!

With their third single “Hellfire”, the evil sorceress raises her haunting voice shortly before the album release to reveal the toxic history of her love-hate relationship with King Arthur. Surrounded by slaves, the heroic king sits on his throne in the video. In the demonic depths, the Lady of Lost Souls meets her brother, who challenges her to battle. “Hellfire” will be unleashed on the biggest battlefield in the bands’ career at the upcoming tour with Powerwolf and Dragonforce!

The dark sorceress Morgana on “Hellfire”:

“Walk with me in hell…let us become fire and conquer the underworld. I am reborn.”

The mighty Crusader adds on the tour:

“Wolfsnächte are coming…join us on our holy European crusade. We will meet on the battlefield.”

Watch the Official Video for “Hellfire” HERE

Forging their musical steel in the tradition of Powerwolf, Sabaton, HammerFall and Running Wild, the WARKINGS burst onto the battlefields in 2018. They gathered their Warriors around the world and entered the Official German Album Charts 2021 at #13 with ‘Revolution’.

Gathered in the golden halls of Valhalla, the four ancient kings – a Roman Tribune, a wild Viking, a noble Crusader and a martial Spartan – are now back with ‘Morgana’, having already escaped from the underworld, fought the Monarchs of the dusk and called for ‘Revolution’.

WARKINGS on Morgana:

“A voice so dark and evil…a tale so twisted and mysterious. We created epic songs to tell the story of the dark sorceress. Welcome to the hellfire…the burning world of Morgana le Fay.”

Pre-order ‘Morgana’ NOW!

‘Morgana’ Track List:

1. Hellfire feat. Morgana le Fay

2. To the King

3. Monsters feat. Morgana le Fay

4. Last of the English

5. Heart of Rage feat. Morgana le Fay

6. Row (Into the Storm)

7. Immortal feat. Morgana le Fay

8. Shame

9. The Rite

10. Legend Untold

11. Armata Strigoi (Powerwolf Cover) – Bonus Track

12. Cry Thunder – Bonus Track