Video Premiere: Code Red Riot are ‘Bulletproof’ Nov15


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Video Premiere: Code Red Riot are ‘Bulletproof’

This past summer, CODE RED RIOT released their critically-acclaimed debut album
‘Mask’ via Sony RED Music. Their newest single, “Bulletproof,” has been storming up
the Mainstream Rock charts, currently sitting at #34 on the Billboard BDS Mainstream
Rock Indicator chart and #25 on the Foundations SMR chart. Today, they’re proud to
announce the premiere of their Official Music Video for “Bulletproof,” to accompany this
latest single.

CODE RED RIOT was formed in 2017 by singer/songwriter Corky Gainsford, who spent
most of his music career known as the drummer/co-songwriter for Otherwise (Century
Media Records) and drummer/percussionist for the internationally-acclaimed
performance art troupe Blue Man Group. Following in the footsteps of Dave Grohl (Foo
Fighters) and Sully Erna (Godsmack), Gainsford transitioned from drummer-to-frontman
by writing all the songs on ‘Mask,’ and in addition to the vocals, he performed all the
instruments on the album – minus lead guitar.

“Of all the songs on this album, ‘Bulletproof’ holds a special place in my heart lyrically,”
Gainsford says. “It’s about reclaiming my life after enduring an incredibly unhealthy
relationship, and it served specifically as a reminder to focus on what I truly love in life,
without regard for the negativity, naysayers, and skeptics that had surrounded me

Ironically, the theme of proving skeptics wrong continued while creating the music video
for “Bulletproof.” Gainsford says, “We were fortunate that our label wanted to support a
radio campaign for this song, but unfortunately we had already exhausted our album’s
video budget while making our two previous music videos.” Gainsford simply took this
on as a challenge to produce and direct the video himself. “I didn’t have any technical
background or knowledge on video production, but I’m a quick learner, I knew it would
be fun, and thankfully you can learn how to do anything on YouTube these days. Armed
with an iPhone and a GoPro, I was excited for the opportunity and gave it a shot.”
Gainsford enlisted actor Christopher Brown to star in the video, a seasoned performer
who shared the stage with Gainsford for many years at Blue Man Group. “I wanted to
create a storyline where the main character feels like an outsider, goes through a
cathartic release, and emerges on the other side feeling exhilarated, or in other words:
bulletproof,” Gainsford says. “Christopher was integral in helping to develop that
storyline, and he was a monster when it came time to let out all his inner demons by
smashing, destroying and obliterating everything we could find in the Las Vegas desert.”
Watch the video for “Bulletproof” here :

“Bulletproof” Video credits:
Directed, Produced and Edited by Corky Gainsford
Assisted by Jon Wozniak

Starring Christopher Brown as The Invisible Man
‘Mask’ is currently available via Sony RED Music at

Check out CODE RED RIOT’s previous music videos here:
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Corky Gainsford – vocals
Tyler “Taz” Azure – guitar
Jon “Woz” Wozniak – bass
Adam Fisher – drums


Code Red Riot