SEEP AWAY announce debut single, ‘Trudge’ Dec17


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SEEP AWAY announce debut single, ‘Trudge’

 SEEP AWAY announce debut single, ‘Trudge’ 

RIYL: Meshuggah, Bongripper, Turnstile
York/Manchester-based noise-punks SEEP AWAY have announced their debut single, ‘Trudge’ coming from their first self-titled EP.
The band’s sound is raw and punkish. There’s not too much melody, a lot of anger and a shit-tonne of noise.
The band’s guitarist Max Watt comments: “These songs come from the darkest places in our minds. They are our way of expressing our heaviest thoughts through really, really fucking noisy tunes. Hopefully some people dig it, but we understand if they don’t because’s all pretty damn abrasive, really.”
The band’s EP, ‘SEEP AWAY’ is out now:
SEEP AWAY is: Jay Sillence (lead vocals), Max Watt (guitar, vocals), Dani Barge (bass) and Dom Smith (drums)