Review: Nonpoint- X Oct11


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Review: Nonpoint- X

20 years and 10 albums into a band’s career warrants something special and big and that’s exactly what Nonpoint have done with X. They purposefully took a full year off from touring, writing and recording to properly give the record what it deserved and it shows with the final product.

“Empty Batteries” opens the record with an ominous intro then explodes into madness and there’s no turning back just like live show, followed by “Chaos and Earthquakes”- Elias Soriano’s screams…yes…just yes…this just continues the intensity.

“Fix This” starts off intense just like the other songs but breaks down quick into a bass-heavy epic track that oozes with Nonpoint emotion. This is one of the many standout songs and shows Nonpoint expanding their sound.

The band has always stuck to a formula on their records and X is no exception- rather it’s a carefully calculated attack that’s loaded with Nonpoint familiarity but shows them cranking the energy up through the roof.

Things really pick up with “Wheel Against Will” where bassist Adam Woloszyn’s bass is just pure domination, showing strong on “Milestone,” which is right out of Rage Against The Machine’s playbook.

While they may wear their style on their sleeve and you know exactly what you’re getting into when you pick up a Nonpoint record, that approach has always played well into Nonpoint’s hand and that’s exactly what X does.

20 years into their career, Nonpoint continue to consistently put out their best work and X is just that yet again- their strongest record. If you ever wondered what a Nonpoint show feels like- it feels like X.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards