Review: Heaven and Earth- Hard To Kill Oct25


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Review: Heaven and Earth- Hard To Kill

From Quarto Valley Records and Pledge Music comes the latest effort from Stuart Smith and company in Heaven & Earth-“Hard to Kill.” This is the fourth release from the guitar virtuoso and it is a blues filled romp sure to get your feet tapping.

It starts out heavy with the guitar rock of “Hard to Kill” which starts fast and never lets up before barreling head long into “Walk Away” which winds up being the best song on the whole album.

The galloping bass line to “Till It’s Over” drives this old speakeasy flavored tune while “Bleed Me Dry” is an upbeat song with an acoustic flavor to it.

I didn’t really care for “The Game Has Changed” or “Hellfire” but the guitar licks of “Anthem” will leave you wondering why this guy isn’t a better known guitar player.

The bluesy guitar work to “L.A. Blues” will make you feel as if you were sitting right up front for a burlesque show.

“Beautiful Monsters” has another one of those big radio ready choruses and it bears repeating that the guitar work and keyboarding on the album are absolutely second to none.

While “Bad Man” is another laid back bluesy type jam that goes out of its way to end the record on the same high note that it all began.

Here’s the bottom line- If you are in the mood for a good bluesy type of Deep Purple rock album then you need look no further than Hard to Kill.

Rating: 7 out of 10

-Eric Hunker