Review: The Delta Saints – Monte Vista Apr14


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Review: The Delta Saints – Monte Vista


Delta Saints Monte Vista is the seventh full length L.P. from the Nashville five piece, The Delta Saints. Until recently I wasn’t familiar with the ten year old Delta Saints but after one listen to Monte Vista id honestly felt as if been missing something magical. Their sound is full of pounding rhythms and pinpoint guitar riffs that would rival any blues/rock hybrid band in history.

By building on the basics of blues and rock, The Delta Saints create a sound that is crawling with history. It’s obvious that they are deeply rooted in the blues but put equal importance on placing an imprint that is theirs alone.

Opening track, California is a pop filled anthem for anyone who is trapped in the proverbial rut. Vocalist, Ben Ringel’s slight southern twang delivery helps to uplift the despondent listener. California will throw longtime fans a curve ball of sorts but rest easy old timers, this is as poppy as they get.

Another highlight track from Monte Vista is the soulful and funky, Burning Wheels. The rhythm section of David Supica’s bass line coupled with Vincent Williams reverberating drums were so infectious and reminiscent of the legendary Stax Records sound that I wanted to pack up and move to Tennesee. With Monte Vista, The Delta Saints have proven that real Rock N Roll is far from dead!


April 28                               Macon, GA @ Music at the Mount @ Mount de Sales Academy

April 29                               Nashville, TN @ Lightning 100’s Spring Block Party @ Marathon Village

May 5                                   Cincinnati, OH @ Motr Pub

May 6                                   Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe

May 8                                   Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe

May 11                                 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

May 16                                 Washington, DC @ Gypsy Sallys

May 18                                 Charleston, SC @ The Pour House

May 19                                 Raleigh, NC @ Pour House Music Hall