Rachel Lampa – All We Need Sep19


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Rachel Lampa – All We Need

All we needby: Reggie Edwards

Rachel Lampa’s upcoming All We Need record will keep her fans happy and is a worthy follow-up to last year’s Human.

It’s not often that an artist will release a strong follow-up record only a year after its predecessor, however, Lampa seems to have done just that.

All We Need is full of lively Christian lyrics and can’t help but put the listener in a good mood. The album has such a peaceful mood.

Even on the more upbeat songs, the album has such a peaceful aura to it.

This album is very well-produced, Lampa’s voice is remarkable, and not just on Christian radio hit “Remedy,” but all throughout.

The album goes back-and-forth between an upbeat dance sound and a calm, soothing ballad.

From the get-go on the title track, Lampa takes listeners to the inner depths of her spirituality and heart and leaves nothing on the table when all is said and done.

This is a must for any contemporary Christian music fan.

Rating: 7/10