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The Rebellion

Welcome to The Rock Rebellion. Today’s music world sees so many types of music as rock that really aren’t rock. Metalheads are sick and tired of being put on the backburner and their favorite bands not getting the proper respect and attention they deserve.

Well, friends, it’s time to take rock and metal back. It’s time to rebel against the popular music world and seize what’s rightly ours. It’s time for The Rock Rebellion.


The Rock Rebellion ep 5: GWAR’s Dave Brockie dead, Mayhem 2014 lineup

The Rock Rebellion ep 4: New Tool album, Adam Lambert to as new Queen singer

The Rock Rebellion ep 3: Slipknot’s new album, Revolver Golden God Awards, Randy Blythe ballets?

The Rock Rebellion episode 2: Motley Crue’s Final Tour, Misfits original lineup reunion and more

The Rock Rebellion episode 1: