Live: U2 brings Joshua Tree back to Indianapolis on 30th Anniverary Sep26


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Live: U2 brings Joshua Tree back to Indianapolis on 30th Anniverary

With the popularity of anniversary tours rising, U2 have joined in on the fun, announcing the Joshua Tree 2017 Tour earlier this year. Originally, the closest date to Indianapolis was down south in Louisville so many Indy fans bought tickets and made the trip. However, not long after that show, U2 announced a September date in Indy at Lucas Oil Stadium.

So what do the diehard U2 fans do? They bought tickets to both shows and enjoyed the show again, so when the Indianapolis show came, Lucas Oil was packed almost to capacity with just a few seats empty.

The production for this tour is out of this world. Stretching across the arena behind the stage was a 200 foot LED screen and across the floor was a huge extended stage that formed the Joshua Tree at its end and, after Grammy Award winner Beck finished up a stellar opening set, the lights went down and U2 walked down the extended stage, one member at a time- starting with drummer Larry Mullen Jr- and played from above the middle of the crowd.

This started a short, four-song set of “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” “New Year’s Day,” “Bad” and “Pride (In The Name of Love),” the third of which singer Bono took time between verses to talk to the crowd, calling for unity in America and discussing how devastating the divisiveness truly is.

After the short set, the band walked back to the main stage and ripped into a second set that consisted of The Joshua Tree in its entirety and, as The Edge began the opening lines of “Where The Streets Have No Name,” the crowd absolutely lost it. There were people jumping, singing, screaming and dancing in the aisles of the seats.

As the set went on, the giant screen behind the stage was lit up for every song with a different image or video to accompany the song that was being played. Some of the images matched up with its respective song were so beautiful and moving it almost brought you to tears.

Bono took a few opportunities to address the crowd and some of the issues that had been going on in the world and in our country but he did it in a way that didn’t overstep any boundaries and was hard to disagree with.

After the Joshua Tree set, the band left the stage for a few minutes before returning for a short four-song encore set that included “Beautiful Day,” “Vertigo” and others.

In the end, U2’s set was nothing short of inspirational. Whether you’re the biggest fan in the world or someone who only knows a few songs, there’s something to be taken away from their show. When you look around and see the happiness and pure jubilation on the faces of those who are dancing and singing, you can’t help but smile and leave in a good mood.

-Reggie Edwards

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