Cavo New Single/Video “Lead On” Dec07


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Cavo New Single/Video “Lead On”

Hard/Alt-Rock band Cavo release their next single “Lead On”. Cavo once again delivers a solid single that clearly states their rock vision. “Lead On” continues to drive their momentum onward as their sound is recognized to be Cavo’s own unique style and blend. Altogether, the St. Louis group is a highly anticipated culmination of seasoned phenomenal rock music. Cavo fans are looking forward to their forthcoming album, Under Bridges, Bright Nights, and Thieves, due out in 2021. Cavo’s album will also include their first release “Muscle Memory” with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves.
CAVO: Lead On (Official Music Video)
‘”Lead On” is a song about questioning the path we are all being led down. There’s too much at stake in this world to just blindly accept what happens next. It’s a song about looking for the right path to the light.”‘ – Casey Walker of Cavo